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Custom Cartoon Face on a Backpack Personalized Painted Backpacks

Custom Cartoon Face on a Backpack Personalized Painted Backpacks

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Make your own Backpack. We can put any Photo onto your Backpack.

Ever dreamed of having your Custom Cartoon face on a Backpack? Now this is possible, easy and fun! Send these guys a photo of yourself or someone you want to see on a lovely Backpack and a professional cartoonist will draw a cartoon of your photo and print it on high-quality Backpack. You can even request additional details and add custom background which are not on the photo.

For example, the guy on the first picture is a real geek and he wanted the illustration to show him working at his desk. This is not groundbreaking in terms of idea but they are among the few that can do it for you in an original style, maintaining quality and humor!

The Draw My Face Backpack case is a perfect gift idea for birthdays, leaving parties, hen and stag parties. Send us a a nice photo of someone you want to impress and we’ll create the right present to make them “wow”.

That’s the coolest Backpack in the world! Plus, no one else will have the same, so it will make the best gift idea ever!

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